UK fishing infrastructure gets £ 65million boost

An investment of £ 65million is to be made to modernize UK fishing infrastructure, the UK government has said.

He said the funding would strengthen the sector’s ability to catch more fish in the UK and get them to market faster, with an additional £ 10million earmarked for new jobs and training.

The £ 65million infrastructure program will be made available for projects such as port and port modernization, as well as increasing the capacity and efficiency of processing and aquaculture facilities.

A ‘competition’ will be held to identify the best projects, with Westminster prioritizing those that reduce carbon emissions to help increase the sustainability of the sector and contribute to the UK’s commitment to achieving net zero. by 2050.

UK Government Minister for Scotland Malcolm Offord said: “We want to ensure a bright future for our fishing industry and today’s allocation of funds is a big step forward. From modernizing ports and improving processing facilities, boosting training and encouraging recruitment, all of this is giving the industry a massive boost.

“Our engagement with the Scottish fish and seafood industry continues. We listen to concerns and act on them for the benefit of business owners, workers and the wider Scottish coastal communities. “