Read this in the digital edition of the Manila Times. THE Philippines has one of the longest coastlines in the world, and as a coastal nation, the country relies heavily on the sea for a source of food, livelihood, and business opportunities. Unfortunately, fish catches have been stagnating or evenRead More →

83: The UK has issued 83 licenses to French fishing vessels to operate in the English Channel, an important concession from London in its ongoing struggle with Brussels and Paris for post-Brexit fishing rights in disputed waters. Still, French fishermen have said they will continue their plans to block BritishRead More →

As the food security of seabirds is threatened by human activity, new research in Ireland has found birds with tracking devices following fishing boats for food. Human activity threatens seabird populations. Research from University College Cork suggests that studying fishing boat routes could help better coastal planning and ultimately protectRead More →

Protecting ocean resources can sometimes require extreme measures that there is no turning back. Image courtesy of the Australian Border Force Posted on November 14, 2021 at 3:38 p.m. by Lowy’s interpreter [By Aristyo Rizka Darmawan] Last week, the Australian Border Force released photographs of burning Indonesian fishing boats allegedlyRead More →

Racist slurs, verbal abuse, long working hours with few breaks and wages below the statutory minimum wage are ‘common workplace experiences’ of migrant workers in the Irish fishing industry, new research finds . The report, produced by Maynooth University Law Department, occurs four months after damning assessment by the USRead More →

Photographs obtained by the ABC reveal an increase in the number of illegal Indonesian fishing crews operating near mainland Australia, apparently under the nose of federal border protection agencies. Key points: Indonesian fishing boats brazenly sail in Australian waters Australian operators also express concern over piracy Locals fear curtailment ofRead More →

The F/V Scandies Rose sank near Kodiak, December 31, 2019. Photographed August 15, 2019 at Ocean Beauty, Kodiak. (Photo by Bret Newbaker) The National Transportation Safety Board on Tuesday recommended further study of the destabilizing effects of ice accretion on commercial fishing vessels after a review of the investigation intoRead More →

It is estimated that 26 million metric tons of fish are lost each year due to a cycle of illegal, unreported and unregulated (IUU) fishing. This figure reflects a gaping hole in fisheries management: the majority of the ocean and its fisheries remain unmonitored, leaving entire ecosystems vulnerable to collapse.Read More →

Deep sea fishing is a bit of a mystery, economically speaking. Those high seas areas beyond the territorial jurisdiction of any nation are generally considered high-effort, low-yield fishing areas, yet the fishermen continue to work there anyway. I am a environmental data scientist that harnesses data and analytical techniques toRead More →

The recent discovery by the Ecuadorian Navy of a vast armada of fishermen of 340 Chinese vessels just off the biodiversity-rich Galapagos Islands has sparked outrage both in Ecuador and abroad. Under pressure after Ecuador’s forceful response, China has given mixed signals that it may start rotating its vast internationalRead More →