83: The UK has issued 83 licenses to French fishing vessels to operate in the English Channel, an important concession from London in its ongoing struggle with Brussels and Paris for post-Brexit fishing rights in disputed waters. Still, French fishermen have said they will continue their plans to block BritishRead More →

Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan said on Sunday he would take “strong action” against illegal trawler fishing off the coast of Gwadar, after weeks of sit-ins and protests by local residents rocked the government and forced the authorities to deploy thousands of additional police. officers of the region. Hundreds ofRead More →

Thirteen years. Yes, 13 years ago I took the big step. I was so sick of waiting for my Sleeper buddy to sell me some of his take-out methadone (for which he became my best friend), and sick of dragging my ass in Massachusetts to tag bad boys there- low.Read More →