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Living in an ever-changing world, the emerging economies of ASEAN are trying to use smart technologies to boost their economies. This approach has been tried out by many countries which have ultimately succeeded through the development of digital technology infrastructures and a suitable environment for high-tech companies.

The Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) brings together countries in the region that are developing rapidly. These are Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Vietnam and Thailand.

This year, Amazon has great news for countries in the region. As the Amazon stocks continue to soar in global markets, the company decided to develop even more. With its new flagship product. It presents the globally acclaimed Amazon Web Services (AWS) outposts in the region.

The latest additions to the network will be located in Malaysia and Thailand, two of the dynamically growing countries in the ASEAN region. The AWS service provides on-demand cloud computing platforms, as well as APIs to individuals, businesses and public institutions. Payment is based on the principles of “pay-as-you-go” at the meter.

The Outposts were launched in 2018, representing a larger scheme of Amazon’s strategy, planning to significantly expand its services. Amazon web services are supported by expert, recognized and recognized providers around the world, such as True IDC, CAT Telecom, InfoFabrica, and Maxis Dailitech.

Be connected to AWS in the cloud

The outposts are intended to provide easily configurable and well managed storage and compute rack services built with structures designed by AWS. Amazon’s move will allow individuals, businesses and government institutions based in those countries to access AWS compute and storage services while connected to AWS in the cloud.

Thailand and Malaysia were not the first ASEAN countries to be offered this opportunity. General availability in recently covered countries Thailand and Malaysia followed launches in Singapore and Indonesia earlier in 2020.

AWS ASEAN General Manager Conor McNamara told the news:

With Outposts, our customers can benefit from the accelerated pace of innovation in the cloud, while securely storing and processing sensitive data on-premises. As Outposts is fully managed by AWS, our customers can also focus on their end users and drive the innovation that differentiates their business, while leaving the responsibility for managing the infrastructure to us.

The importance of current affairs is much greater than many realize. Outposts are a major innovation, bringing AWS services and infrastructure anywhere. Virtually any area with an outpost can access these services.

It is important to note that companies and organizations based in Malaysia or Thailand also cannot use the AWS Partner Network (APN) to access expertise in the process of moving applications to AWS at the same time. help with cloud migration projects.

In search of hybrid cloud solutions

The project offers many advantages, including the services that accompany it. It includes first discovery and assessment, migration, planning, operations. As a bonus, cloud strategy and technical advisory offerings are also available, to smoothly migrate and operate workloads on local AWS outposts.

Singapore-based InfoFabrica Founder and Director Wen-Chi Li affirmed the importance of AWS presence in the ASEAN region. “Many of our corporate customers are looking for hybrid cloud solutions that will allow them to move workloads and data seamlessly between on-premises assets and the AWS cloud.

Outposts make this possible by allowing them to run AWS compute and storage on-premises, and also easily and seamlessly integrate on-premises workloads with the rest of their applications in the AWS Cloud.

With Outposts, our customers will have access to a state-of-the-art hybrid cloud architecture, allowing them to use the AWS Management Console to seamlessly manage their on-premises assets as well as the largest portfolio of cloud services available globally.

Using Amazon’s AWS Services Will Boost Businesses, Households, and Government Services

The launch of the AWS program in the ASEAN region is of considerable importance. The region is developing rapidly, with some countries achieving double-digit economic growth rates. Thailand and Malaysia become one international tourist destination while attracting a large expat base.

On the other hand, countries like Singapore have reached an extremely high level of development, being global financial centers and major business destinations. Therefore, the region is a well connected and promising area. Amazon’s decision to invest in the region will only benefit the company.

On the other hand, it will also benefit large companies, SMEs, individuals and governments. Companies like TM One have talked about how the news will improve the quality of the services they provide. Above all, it will have an impact on the end product that arrives to the customer.

In the end, that’s what matters most. Individuals and government authorities will also have the opportunity to improve their services through local outposts, effecting a significant change in the ASEAN region.

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