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DULUTH – The general inland fishing season in Minnesota begins at 12:01 a.m. Saturday, May 14 for walleye, northern pike and bass, although bass fishing south and west of Minnesota begins at 12:01 a.m. ‘US Highway 53 will be with release only until May 27. – including perch, pumpkinseed and crappie – is allowed year-round. Musk season begins June 4. Salmon and trout fishing on Lake Superior takes place year-round. Rainbow trout fishing in the Côte-Nord river is permitted year-round. The brook trout fishery opened on April 16.

The News Tribune wants to post photos of you, your family and friends with their catch of the day, not just on opening day but throughout the year! Send them to [email protected] Remember to handle the fish quickly, keep your hands away from gills and eyes, and try to get the sun shining in the angler’s face, not their back. Get closer and fill the picture with fish!

Duluth’s Tyler Erickson holds a string of fish he and his family caught from shore during the 2020 Minnesota Fishing Open on the St. Louis River in Duluth.

Clint Austin/File/Duluth News Tribune

The most up-to-date information will come from local bait shops, lodges, or lake residents, but a list of lake ice conditions is available at


. Most lakes north of Minnesota Highway 200 remained ice-covered last week.

Even if your lake loses its ice by May 14, crews are unlikely to have had time to install docks on many lakes. Bring waders or wellies to help launch the boat. Meanwhile, a winter of heavier snowfall and recent spring rains have helped push up water levels, especially along the Minnesota-Ontario border. But some lakes may still be low after last year’s drought rendered some landing stages unusable. Island Lake near Duluth, which fluctuates as a reservoir of hydroelectric power, remained very low last week.

It seems like every year there is talk of a bait shortage, and this year, with such a late ice break, is no exception. Lake chub can be rare because even where the ice is gone, the water is too cold for minnows to spawn near the shore, where bait traders trap them. Most other bait should be delivered to bait shops in time for opening, said Wednesday Phil Koep, owner of Urbank Bait in Clitherall, Minn., one of the state’s largest bait wholesalers. . “Our little lakes (where the minnows are trapped) just lost their ice last week, and the bigger lakes here are disappearing now, so it’s going to be a rush for us,” Koep said. “But we should have most of the bait shops in good shape by the time they open.”

Discover the different license options and buy your license online at


, or purchase a license over the phone at 888-665-4236 or at many sporting goods stores statewide. The basic adult resident fishing license for one year is $25; $51 for non-residents.

Find a fishing lake on the mobile app, online

Get specific information about specific lakes, including regulations, fish species, stocking reports, boat landing locations, and lake maps at


. You can search by lake name, on a map, or find lakes near you.

opening of fishing 2018
A series of boats ply the St. Louis River estuary for the 2018 Minnesota Fishing Open. This year’s open is May 14.

Clint Austin/File/Duluth News Tribune

As reported in the News Tribune last week, the popular Munger Landing boat launch and fishing pier in west Duluth will remain open until at least Memorial Day after a delay in cleanup work. sediments in the estuary near the site. The landing stage will close in June until 2023.

More than a million anglers

Minnesota sold 1,100,256 fishing licenses last year. This number has been fairly constant between 1 and 1.2 million over the past 20 years. The state is believed to have about 1.4 million anglers when the elderly and children who do not need licenses are taken into account. Around 500,000 people are said to be fishing on opening day, although this number has never been verified.

There are no major regulatory changes for walleye, bass or pike in Northland (the statewide walleye limit remains at 6 fish per day on lakes where no additional restrictions are in place), but there are changes to some panfish limits on some lakes, including some in the Duluth area. For more information on fishing in Minnesota, including regulations by region, specific lakes/rivers, and species, go to


. You can also get a rule book wherever licenses are sold.

Seasonal fishing closures in Northland

Like every year under permanent state law, the St. Louis River will be closed to walleye fishing from the Highway 23 bridge upstream to the Perimeter Wire near the dam, until July 18. may.

Other seasonal fishing closures include:

  • Cross River (Gunflint Lake Entrance) from Gunflint Trail to Gunflint Lake, through May 27.
  • Junco Creek, from the first log dam above County Road 57 downstream to Devil Track Lake, including Devil Track Lake within 300 yards of the mouth of the Junco River, to 27 may.
  • The Little Gunflint-Little North Channel, the channel between Little Gunflint and Little North Lakes, including Little Gunflint Lake within 300 meters of the mouth of the channel and Little North Lake within 100 meters of the head of the channel until May 31.
  • Maligne River (also known as the Northern Light Rapids) on the Ontario side of Saganaga Lake, until May 31.
  • Saganaga Falls, on the Minnesota-Ontario border where the Granite River empties into Saganaga Lake, until May 31.
  • Sea Gull River, from Sea Gull Lake to Saganaga Lake through Gull Lake, approximately 1/3 mile north of the northernmost inlet, including all Sag Narrows inlets, until May 27.
  • Moody’s Creek in Itasca County, from County Road 432 1/2 mile upstream, through June 30.