Fortis Drops Functional Fishing Inspired Outerwear

In the past two years of COVID-19 shutdown, outdoor activities have seen an unprecedented spike in interest, as niche recreational activities have become widespread. Since the start of the pandemic, a new generation has taken an interest in everything from birding to golf and long-distance hiking. Fishing has also seen a new spurt of growth, providing an opportunity for outdoor socialization: according to a report, in the UK alone, the number of annual fishing rod license applications increased by more than 120,000 in 2020.

It therefore follows that a multitude of technical brands anchored in the fishing world have also experienced a new wave of increased demand since the pandemic. The British brand Fortis is one of them. Founded in 2013, Fortis started out with just one product: a more on-trend, trendy version of the polarized sunglasses commonly worn for fishing. But after nearly a decade of growth – including levels of interest unprecedented since the start of the pandemic – the brand has fully expanded into a full range of outerwear and apparel, which hopes to capture the interest of a new demographic of consumers.

“There is a ‘scene’, explains Darran Goulder, brand director. “For some, it’s more about watching the play and being part of the culture than catching fish.”

Highlights include the Marine jacket, featuring a waterproof Triflex shell, as well as a new selection of reversible Primaloft outerwear made from recycled post-consumer waste. Next to this is a range of technical fleece clothing, designed to withstand the harshest climatic environments.

The brand is poised to continue growing in 2022, with a slew of still-secret product drops planned. Discover Fortis online shop for more information and to purchase the current collection.