Saturday, August 28 2021

Companies that plan to build robots to explore the moon and track trash in space are among 10 startups chosen for an Amazon Web Services program designed to help mature their businesses.

Why is this important: The latter company is part of Amazon’s game to get even more involved in the space industry, helping to support customers as their satellites send massive amounts of data back from orbit.

What is happening: The 10 selected companies will participate in a four-week business accelerator designed to highlight AWS’s offerings for space companies, including instructions on how best to make huge amounts of data usable quickly for customers using cloud computing.

  • “As a result of this workshop, not only do we want to teach these 10 companies how they can build a successful space mission in the cloud, but we will absolutely use it to educate the rest of the community,” Clint Croisier, director of AWS’s aerospace and satellite business told Axios.
  • Investment firm Seraphim will also offer business advice to companies participating in the accelerator.

Businesses: Cognitive Space focuses on helping manage satellite constellations.

  • D-Orbit strives to aid situational awareness in space for satellites and aid companies as their satellites reach the end of their life.
  • Descartes Labs focuses on using geospatial data from space to suggest sustainable practices in agriculture and other industries.
  • Edgybees strives to use the help of first responders to know how to best help in a disaster.
  • Hawkeye 360 ​​collects radio frequency signals and analyzes them to monitor the seas, track down illegal fishing and other safety concerns.
  • LeoLabs is able to track debris in low Earth orbit using radar and ground analysis.
  • Lunar Outpost plans to build robots that could be sent to the Moon and Mars to facilitate human exploration.
  • Orbital Sidekick works on tracking changes due to deforestation, pollution or other environmental issues is happening on Earth from space using satellite data.
  • Satellite VU wants to contribute to the fight against climate change by keeping an eye from space on the temperatures of buildings around the Earth.
  • Ursa Space hopes to use its collection of geospatial intelligence and Earth observation data to provide customers with rapid analysis they can use immediately.

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