16-year-old from East Texas sets fishing world record

BROWNSBORO, Texas (KETK) – A Brownsboro teenager has set a new world record, leaving him feeling like a fish out of water, using his trusty bow and arrow, a weapon commonly associated with hunting animals on earth.

For the past 8 years, Jacob Fisher has used the tool to fish. His weapon of choice helped him achieve a world record just a few weeks ago.

“I just filmed it,” says Jacob Fisher.

But there’s a catch, after battling the beast for over 10 minutes, the huge, long-nosed guy escaped.

Forcing Jacob and his father to go home for the night, then something incredible happened. Some might call intuition, others might call it fate, but fate has drawn them into the boat to fight this monster once more.

“It was turning at night and we went back because we didn’t want to miss an opportunity on that fish,” says Fisher.

Jacob spotted the fish again and made his move.

“He made a brilliant and impressive shot on the fish. I didn’t even know he shot it at first. I was in the back of the boat getting my gear ready,” says Ryan Fisher, Jacob’s father.

After another struggle, they secured the beast.

“So we knew it was a lake record, but we had no idea until we got certified scales and weighed it,” says Ryan Fisher.

They later discovered that the long-nosed gar weighed 56.2 pounds.

“I was really excited, I didn’t expect it to be a state record, but it was,” Fisher said.

Fisher says he’s more than happy to win the prize, even though it still doesn’t seem real.