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South Beach Miami

Welcome to South Beach!

South Beach Miami is uniquely different from anyplace else in the United States, or any place in Latin America as well, for that matter. The warm weather, casual chic dress code, and beach culture by no means translate into a slow-paced, lazy hideaway town. The pace in South Beach Miami is chic, urban, and high glam, all year round, even in the sweltering months of summer. People-watching, eating out, and hitting nightclubs are South Beach’s main activities and they are pursued with gusto and panache by residents and visitors alike. Of course there’s the beach itself, a major part of the South Beach Miami equation. It’s the perfect backdrop for nightlife and shopping, maybe a photoshoot, and a place where gorgeous bodies get to display expensive bikinis. South Beach is all about style, and the wide sunny sandy beach is the perfect place to show it off.


What is South Beach Miami?

South Beach Miami is the southern portion of the strip of land just off the coast of Miami known as Miami Beach. The strip that we call Miami Beach extends for miles and miles, so it’s convenient to divide it into sections, and indeed there are neighborhoods of Miami Beach that are distinguishable from each other. South Beach covers the southern part of this barrier island, up to about 20th Street. The streets run east-west up Miami Beach, starting at the southern end, so South Beach is from the tip and covers about twenty blocks. Within South Beach, you have the Art Deco District, which covers about one square mile, from the beach back to the bay, and from Biscayne Street (the southernmost street on Miami Beach) to 5th Street. The road closest to the beach, and parallel to the beach, is Ocean Drive, and the road that runs alongside the Bay is Alton Road in the Art Deco District, then West Ave for the rest of South Beach. Ocean Drive and Alton Road/West Ave. form the east-west boundaries of South Beach Miami, and Biscayne Street and Dade Blvd. (around 23rd Street) form the north-south boundaries.


The Story of South Beach Miami

After the heyday of South Beach Miami, in the 1920’s through the 1950’s, the area fell in to a bad state of neglect, disrepair, and overall un-trendiness. The beautiful vintage hotels that lined the beach and filled the backstreets of the Art Deco district became budget stopovers for the retired fixed income set, and later, crackheads. Some were just empty. It was a very depressing place to be, if you can imagine that. Even with the sunshine, the beaches, and the gorgeous Art Deco buildings, it was sad and empty in South Beach Miami. This all changed beginning in the 1980s. Some imaginative people saw the value in the historic Art Deco buildings in South Beach Miami, and began to try and save them. The leader of the preservation movement of 1980s South Beach Miami was Barbara Baer Capitman, whose movement saved about 40 historic Art Deco buildings in South Beach Miami. The preservation movement grew and grew, and today the area is on the Naitonal Register of Historic Places. Investors begain renovating after the preservation movement took off, and today if you visit South Beach Miami you can stay in a restored Art Deco building, thanks to this group of visionaries from the 1908s, who saved Art Deco in Miami’s South Beach.


South Beach Miami Today

Today, a stroll through South Beach Miami(this is the best way to get around, and to see South Beach) will reveal vibrant buildings, top-notch restaruants, premium shopping, and glitzy glamour on every block. The renovations of the Art Deco buildings have given the historic architecture a modern twist, with pastel colors we now associate with South Beach Miami. The original Art Deco exteriors were mostly white, a little-known fact amongst visitors to South Beach Miami. The Lincoln Road pedestrian mall, which was the Fifth Avenue of the 1950s in South Beach Miami, has overcome decades of neglect and is now once again a premier shopping and dining area, although many visitors to South Beach Miami will wind up merely window shopping, rather than buying anything. Prices are high, just like on Fifth Avenue in New York. Glamous costs money! There are also late nightclubs, cafes, boutiques, and a large move complex, so Lincoln Road Mall is hardly very sleepy. There is always something going on. One of the best ways for vacationers to be a part of the action is timeshares. For little cost a traveler can stay with all the luxuries of home, utilizing a timeshare rental. It is recommended that anyone who is interested in using a resale get as much information on timeshares as possible to make an educated decision about the best way to take advantage of this opportunity.

The sunny weather and beautiful South Beach architecture and perfect beach have made South Beach Miami an attractive place for fashion photographers, producers of music videos, and even movie directors. From the constant influx of models, musicians, and directors, comes the ermergence of South Beach Miami as teh center of hip style, hip culture, and lately, Hip-Hop Culture. South Beach Miami is very hip-hop these days, with artists, directors, and stars making the scene every week.